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Free Chatbot Builder and Autoresponder Plus More!
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Free Chatbot Builder and Autoresponder Plus More!


Do you want to automate your business' marketing and engagement? MATIC is the perfect solution for you. Automate your Facebook and Instagram chat and comments, email marketing, SMS, or even build an eCommerce store directly from your dashboard!

🔥Below are some of the available tools available inside MATIC🔥

Facebook and Instagram Comment Automation

Email Broadcaster

Connect your Instagram account

Connect your Facebook Pages and Groups

Custom Facebook and Instagram Posting Types

Facebook Video to Livestream (video file to FB livestream)

Chatbot for Facebook and Instagram

eCommerce Store Builder

Messenger eCommerce

Instant Social Media Poster


Our package starts for as low as $3/month. Lifetime licenses are also available. Sign-up up now, for a free 5-day trial of the Basic package - 🔥NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!🔥

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